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Berkley-Pendell Competition


In 1986, sister ISMTA chapters established the Berkley-Pendell Scholarship Fund in honor of the founding members of the original chapter, Helen Berkley of Winfield, IL, and Verona Pendell of West Chicago, IL.  Currently the following ISMTA chapters sponsor and participate in the Fund’s activities: Naperville, Salt Creek, Waubonsie, and West Suburban.



The purpose of the Berkley-Pendell Scholarship Fund is to encourage and promote the cause of great music, and via its sponsorship of this annual competition, to foster emerging pianistic artistry and excellence, in order that we all actualize our musical culture and the great promise of our incredible youth. The participating chapters jointly sponsor the annual piano competition for students whose teachers are active members of the participating chapters. The winners of each division are awarded cash prizes, and invited to perform at a special concert, and receive additional honors and recognition.



The 2019 Berkley-Pendell Piano Competition will be held at the most accessible and beautiful Northern Central College, Wentz Hall of Fine & Performing Arts, Naperville. The competition takes place Sunday, March 22, 2020 from 1-7pm.  The post-marked application deadline is February 28, 2020, accompanied with necessary documentation and the $40 entry fee.


Competition Segments/Awards

Increased monetary awards and an additional competition track level have been developed:

    Elementary Division – Track 1 (8 min. segment)
    Elementary Division – Track 2 (10 min. segment)
    Junior Division – Track 1 (10 min. segment)
    Junior Division – Track 2 (10 min. segment)
    Senior Division (14 min. segment)

With great respect for all teacher/professionals, an additional qualifying teacher category is included.


Celebratory Concert

All place winner will be high-lighted in a public celebratory recital as a tribute to the young pianists' great achievement. This will take place Saturday, April 6th, 7pm, at the Steinway Showroom, 1600 Shore Rd. No. B in Naperville.


Please access Appropriate Forms (links to the left of this page) for:

    Student Eligibility
    Student Music Requirements
    Student Entry Form
    Evaluation Form
    Teacher Eligibility
    Teacher Information Form


Please return all forms to the Applications Coordinator: Ms. Nancy Sen, 424 Ellen Lane, Batavia, IL 60506.


Please address ALL queries to:


    Dr. Karol Sue Reddington, Director   [630.510.8475 or